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DATA FEED OPTIMIZATION: The Missing Link in Digital Asset Optimization for Small Businesses

These days, where do people usually go for quench their information thirst and to satisfy their online window-shopping cravings? One place: Google. Specific for product comparison searches, there is Google Product Search. It is considered to be the leader in comparison search engines which provide customers with a comparative listing of different businesses, companies, and brands that offer the products or services they are looking for. With Google Product Search, buyers are given the freedom to make the best possible choice among a wide variety of options presented to them, depending on their specific needs. Competitive prices, user ratings, and other factors are now readily available.

With millions of other businesses found on the Web, how do you make sure that your company will be  among those highly visible and noticeable ones, prompting shoppers to take action and flicking that “Buy Now!” switch at the back of their heads. And because online shoppers are now veering away from the impulse-buying trap, all the colors, sounds, and animations on your website are no longer enough. If you are simply relying on these to drive sales into your registers and are not achieving your targeted results, think again. You might be overlooking something more important.

Data Feed Optimization may be the missing link in your digital asset optimization strategy. Data feed optimization for small business is the process of developing and constantly updating your product or service data feed so that comparison search engines such as Google Product Search will be able to interpret the available information and show these to potential buyers as relevant results for searches made. Data feed optimization does not only ensure that your products appears for specific searches. It can also boost the popularity of your website (although you may still need to establish your own metrics for this). Data feed optimization is an effective technique for in your digital asset optimization campaign as it also aids to highlight user ratings for the products that you sell.

With this information strategically laid out for your customers, they are consequently empowered to make the right choices. Remember that there is something which can be done, rather than just to sit, wait, and see customers come in. Investing in data feed optimization makes you their “assistant buyer” and in the end, they would always want to buy from someone who has the honest intention of helping them out.

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